Student Competition

Empowering Youth for the future of industry


Students are oftentimes overlooked and side-lined within a university’s sustainability efforts. This is a missed opportunity, given the energy and spirit of students, the innovation opportunities that supports sustainability presents on the sheer size of the student body as largest stakeholder group on any campus. Yet for a large number of students to unleash their full potential as sustainability change innovators, the institutional support, resources from universities and governments are required.

Students Innovation Challenge

The Challenge

We want to encourage students from all over Egypt to compete with one another in developing creative and innovative devices or solutions using technology to help improve sustainability, and fight climate change.

Phase 1

Create a plan with your innovation, what's the market need, and how you will implement your idea. You will need to detail the necessary steps, milestones and how you plan to measure success at the end of your implementation. Enter your idea by Dec. 10, 2022.

Our selection committee will pick finalists from the submissions based on the strength of the planning, potential for success and creative out of the box thinking. Those ideas will then move to the next phase!

Students Innovation Challenge

Phase 2

If selected as a finalist, your team will have until 1st of Feb 2023 to implement and test your idea before presenting a presentation detailing your pitch and the opportunity to grow a startup, with implementation and the results for the judges at the Conference.


  • 5000 EGP

  • 3000 EGP

  • 2000 EGP

Eligibility & Topics


  • A team can be an individual student or up to 4 students.

  • At least one person on each team must be engineering or technology student.

  • Faculty from the student’s school can advise but cannot be involved in the implementation of the idea

— students must do all of the actual work.

  • Final presentations must be in English, time limit of 10 minutes.

  • All team members must be a part of the presentation and the Q&A with the judges to qualify for the top 3 prizes.

  • The competition is open to all college students attending school in the Africa Region. All team members have to verify their college enrollment status upon application.

  • All money and prizes will go to the students who participate in the competition – not to any faculty, news partners or collaborators.

  • The competition will not assert any IP or ownership over the projects or outcomes.


The conference topics are, but not limited to:

  • Power converters typologies and design

  • Power converter for telecommunications

  • IOT applications for Smart Grid

  • Lighting applications and LEDs

  • Wireless power transfer (WPT)

  • Energy harvesting

  • Integrated circuit designs of power converters

  • Devices, packaging, magnetic materials

  • Renewable energy systems and control

  • Photovoltaic systems

  • Microgrid & Microinverter design and control

  • Transportation electrification

  • Electric vehicles

  • Electric machines and drive systems

  • High Voltage DC (HVDC) System

  • Modeling, simulation & control in power electronics

  • Industrial, commercial and residential applications

  • Energy efficiency, power quality and electromagnetic compatibility

  • Power electronics and renewable energy in education.

Judging criteria

  • Idea: How did the team come up with the idea? Was it based on research, data and other factors to decide the community need and the feasibility?

  • Implementation: Did the project get implemented, meet the planned milestones and overcome the hurdles it encountered?

  • Measuring success: Was the project implementation successful? How did the team measure impact and success?

  • Reach: Was the idea created with attention to diversity, equity and accessibility for the community? Could the idea be replicable and applicable as a startup.

  • Sustainability: Is the idea sustainable after the competition? Was it built and implemented in a manner that supports continued management, revenue and/or growth?

  • Team : what's the team backgrounds and the diversity of the team.

Venue Information

Address: SONESTA ST. GEORGE Hotel, Luxor, City, Egypt


Tel: +201001885361