Exhibitor Seminars

We will have three exhibition seminars

1-  “Recent Developments in Real-Time Simulators for Power-Electronics and Renewable Energy System Studies”.


Recent Developments in Real-Time Simulators for Power-Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems Studies

Real-time digital simulators have now been in commercial use for thirty years. Originally conceived to test HVDC controllers, the uses and applications of real-time simulators have evolved over time and they are now applied to a large range of projects including distribution automation, microgrids and renewable energy systems, power-electronics and inverter testing and cybersecurity.

This presentation will review the concepts and philosophies of real-time simulators for advanced hardware-in-loop testing of electrical power systems and their associated protection and control systems, with specific reference to applications in the fields of power electronics and renewable energy systems.

The presentation will then present the novel Universal Converter Model (UCM) that has been developed for use on RTDS Technologies real-time simulators. The UCM now allows simulations of voltage-sourced-converter (VSC)-based power-electronic topologies in real-time with performance equivalent to that of traditional off-line (non-real-time) simulation tools, allows significantly more converter models to be simulated in real-time on a single processor core, and thus represents an advance in best-practice for real-time simulation of fast-switching, VSC-type converter topologies commonly used in renewable energy systems.

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3- OPAL-RT State-of-Art Real-Time Simulator for Power System, Power Electronics, and Renewable Energy 

Simon Abourida is the Business Development & Channel Manager at OPAL-RT Technologies in the Middle East. He has a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (1994), and 25 years of experience in real-time simulation of electric systems. At OPAL-RT, he led several projects of real-time hardware-in-the loop simulation in the fields of power systems, renewable energy systems, hybrid vehicles, motor drives and power electronics, and has given multiple tutorials and seminars. Through the years, he was involved in business development in several markets (France, China, India), and for over 10 years, he oversaw business development, and sales in Japan, before he was appointed as business development manager of the Middle East, where he is currently in charge in project management, market research, business development, and sales.