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​​The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) was established in accordance with the provisions of Telecom Regulation  Law No. 10/ 2003 as  the national authority competent to regulate and administer the telecommunications sector. For More Details.

Organization Partner

Aswan University was constructed as a governmental university by the presidential decree no. 311 of 11th of June 2013. 15 faculties were included  (arts, education, science, social work, engineering, energy engineering, veterinary medicine, agriculture, nursing, languages and translation, medicine, fisheries technology, commerce, specific education, and archaeology).


Committed to advancing Egypt development through Education and Training , Live the Company Values like Customer Satisfaction, Leadership , Focus on Operating Excellence , Act With Speed and Collaborate Across the Company. 

OPAL-RT is a leading provider of real-time simulators for companies, research institutes and universities worldwide, to help them achieve better research and product quality, through the use of real-time simulation and hardware-in-the- loop testing, in various sectors, with a focus on power systems, renewable energy systems, smart grids and power electronics.

PEModule is a leading company in Industrial Power Electronics Research and Product Development. With in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we hold an advantage over our competition. We serve customers in the field of Industrial Motor Drives, Energy Saving, Renewable Energy, and Automotive sectors. PEModule aims to localize Power Electronics Design and Manufacturing in Egypt using the latest technologies.

We serve power electronics research institutes with hassle-free Power Electronics solutions with more than 400 product coverage for most applications.

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Our Technology

Start here to learn about real time simulation and discover the technology that makes hardware-in-the-loop testing possible.


Who We Are?

Inco-Tech for electrical industries is an authorized ABB panel builder, specializes in the manufacturing of low voltage switchboards Established As a special (limited) partnership by a group of experienced engineers of more than 30 years in ABB With practical experience in the Electrical Distribution Field.

NRIAG Biography

The National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (NRIAG) is the national astronomical, geophysical and, environmental sciences research establishment with more than 120 years of successful history, making it the oldest research institute in North African and the Middle East.

NRIAG has very long history of astronomical and Geophysical observation since it was established on the year 1839 as a Royal observatory at Bollak, then moved to ABBASIA on the year1868 before it was moved to the current location at Helwan in 1903, making it the oldest research institute in North Africa and be one of world heritage sites in Science and technology.

What is the APEARC ?

Aswan Power Electronics Applications Research   Center  (APEARC)   is considered a pioneer research and development R&D unit working inside university and targeted industrial societies and companies. APEARC has been established  in 2008  to  create a  distinctive ,  global Center  specialized in industrial electronics  applications research  and  to support the research  and outreach activities to the problems  which  face the industry.

Our Mission

We strive to offer the best services we can in every venture we embrace.

We have maintained excellent relations with our broad client-base, offering it an unmatched quality in services, for the past 46 years we plan to continue, and even better what we have achieved.

Our ever-growing list of clients will attest to that.


The key to our success has undoubtedly been the dedication, professionalism and expertise of our staff.

With our experienced employees and our commitment to excellence in every project we embrace, our exceptional work remains constant. 

Forty five years ago, we promised our clients nothing but the best and the best we have delivered. Today, we renew our pledge to offer first class results in whatever we adopt.

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Address: SONESTA ST. GEORGE Hotel, Luxor, City, Egypt

email: info@ieee-cpere.org

Tel: +201001885361